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Code of Ethics


Bear in mind the code of ethics when using and contributing to this site, especially the parts aimed at social media.

Social media

7.3 This standard also relates to the use of any platform of web-based or mobile communications, social networking sites, and all other types of social media.

7.4 While there are benefits of social media to policing, there are also potential risks.

7.5 According to this standard you must:

• use social media responsibly and safely

• ensure that nothing you publish online can reasonably be perceived by the public or your policing colleagues to be discriminatory, abusive, oppressive, harassing, bullying, victimising, offensive or otherwise incompatible with policing principles

• not publish online or elsewhere, or offer for publication, any material that might undermine your own reputation or that of the policing profession or might run the risk of damaging public confidence in the police service.