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About Metflix

About Metflix


Our goal is to create a video repository a bit like YouTube for officers and staff to share their knowledge with each other.

We aim to create a new way of sharing knowledge across the Met. If you have ever had to explain the same thing more than once, to different people, then why not make a video?


  • Share knowledge
  • Save time for yourself and others
  • Assist inexperienced officers
  • Learn new skills and increase your own professional network


Make your video following the steps in the link below.

Creating a  Video – Gold Dust Sheet

Then use your phone, laptop, or iPad and upload direct to the site. If you are having trouble just let us know at and we will find a way to make it work. It isn’t currently possible to upload videos from Aware but we are looking into this. In the meantime, you can upload from a personal device, or send us the video via Box and we will do it for you.

Ground Rules

Your video must be:

  • Professional
  • Public-Proof
  • Positive


  • Anyone police officer of staff member can upload a video. You don’t need to be an expert. We all have useful knowledge and experience we can share.
  • Each ‘category’ has an owner who is responsible for the videos within that category. They won’t expect your video to be perfect, but may give feedback if there are improvements that can be made. The category owner will award ‘orange ticks’ if the video has been approved by an SME
  • The videos belong to their creators. However, on upload, the terms and conditions give a perpetual and irrevocable licence to Metflix to use the videos. If the videos are created by officers on duty then technically they are Crown copyright.


The videos are intended to be viewed by police officers and staff only, not the public. But anything that is put online can end up being seen by members of the public. Ensure your video is professional and compassionate; consider the impact it would have on a member of the public or a victim’s family. There will be some topics that are not suitable for this format.

Bear in mind the code of ethics when using and contributing to this site.